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More ecological elements

This series of heaters differs from the previous series in terms of more advanced ecological characteristics and energy savings. These heaters ensure higher yield and fewer fumes as they are fitted with a system for recovering and re-circulating hot gas still rich in combustible elements.


When wood and its by-products are combusted, elements are produced that, in combination, create a gas mixture still rich in combustible properties generally lost via the flue.
This gas, commonly called “semi-water gas”, comprises carbon oxide (Co), nitrogen, hydrogen and noncombusted particles which, if re-introduced in the combustion chamber and combined with combustive air, ensure combustion and thereby increase thermal yield, reducing consumption and eliminating noncombusted particles in the fumes, benefiting the environment. The air heaters in question operate in the same manner but differ in terms of thermal potential.

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Heaters Hot Eco Gas
Heaters Hot Eco Gas