Four-sided planer and profiler KX3


Four-sided planer and profiler with moulding device:

The version 4PO is a very compact machine, completely
enclosing, tight and soundproof casing. All adjustments to be done with closed cover.




Left-hand and right-hand spindles:

Working length 225 mm, fitted with profiling tool stacking-up system (height 95 mm),
retractable under the working surface in order to calibrate with standard tool of height
130 mm. (Digitized operation is optional).




Our Duomatic system:

Just behind the thicknesser, driven neoprene rollers facing each other and above and below
catch the woodpieces without sticking them upon the table. Ensured wood extraction.

Infeed table:
Planing depth and right-hand spindle adjustment by means of high precision eccentric axle.

Working surface lubrication
With manual or automatic control for a better feeding of green woods.

Feeding by mitre gear spindle and cardan
Firm and steady feeding at any wood feeding speed.

Left-hand spindle:
For adjusting the forward movement of the LH spindle according to the tool diameters - between 100 mm and 180 mm - it will only take to display its radius on the mechanical digital counter with a precision of 0.1 mm.

Digital control:

All movements can be automated and digitized, and we have chosen for « SIEMENS » quality, reliability, long life (100 memories). Touchscreen control, watertight and with a large user-friendliness.

Random-width device:

After deciding upon the planing depth of the LH spindle, our random-width device allows for machining woodpieces of different widths, inserted at random into the four-sided
straightening planer. The ultra-quick displacement of the LH spindle (by permanently lubricated ball-guided worm) allows an optimized working speed. Our random-width device is also compatible with our « SIEMENS » digital control.

Technical data:
Max.finished wood section 230 x 120 (150mm)
Min. finished wood section 25 x 6 mm
Min. workpiece length 370 mm ou 450 mm (avec hotte de moulurage)
Infeed table length 2000 mm
Standard diameter of the cutterblocks Ø 125 mm
Diameter of the straightener Ø 147 mm
Diameter of the spindles Ø 40 mm
Cutterblock rotational speed 6000 rpm
Speed feed 3 - 24 m/min
Diameter of the drive cylinders Ø 120 mm
Pneumatic load on drive cylinder Oui
Motor bottom spindle-top spindle 2 x 7,5 CV (5,5 kW)
Motor RH spindle and LH spindle 2 x 7,5 CV (5,5 kW)
Max intake of the wood bottom spindle and RH spindle 8 mm
Prise de bois maxi raboteuse et toupie gauche 10 mm
Vertical transfer of the spindles 95 mm
Horizontal adjustment of RH spindle 40 mm
Min/max diameter of the cutterblocks on the top spindle Ø 125 / 140 mm
Min/max diameter of the cutterblocks on the spindles Ø 100 / 180 mm
Dust extraction diameter 2 x Ø 160 mm et 2 x Ø 120 mm
Exhaust capacity 4000 m3/h - 25 m/s
Height of the workplan 870 mm
Overall dimensions (L x l x H) 3250 x 1600 x 1600 mm
Weight 2000 kg
Sound level on the workplace 77,5 dBa
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Four-sided profiler KX3
Four-sided profiler KX3