Four-sided planer KXC

Technical data:
Max. finished wood section Ø125 230 x 120 mm
Min. finished wood section Ø125 20 x 8 mm
Min. workpiece length 480 mm
Cutterblock rotational speed (r.p.m) 6000
Infeed table length 2500 mm
Vertical blockades of the infeed table and horizontal of the lateral guide of all the positions
Bottom spindle
Motorization 5,5cv / 4kW
Diameter cutterhead Ø40 mm
Diameter cutterblock Ø125 mm
Min./max. diameter of the cutterblock Ø125 / Ø145 mm
Vertical and horizontal adjustment of the cutterblock 10 mm / +- 2mm
Max. intake of the wood 10 mm
Right-hand and left-hand spindles
Spindle diameter Ø40 mm
Diameter cutterhead Ø125 mm
Vertical transfer 25 mm
Diameter cutterblocks (mini / maxi) Ø125 mm
Capacity of the cavity at the bottom of the workplan diameters 180 X 95 mm Ø200 x h25mm
Display of all settings on mechanical digital counters
Adjustment of the cutterblocks without opening the cover
Motorization right-hand and left-hand spindles 1 x 7,5 cv / 5,5 kW
Right-hand spindle
Horizontal adjustment 38 mm
Max. intake of the wood 10 mm
Left-hand spindle
Manual horizontal transfer of the left-hand spindle
Mechanical digital display of the width of finished wood
Display DUPLEX : allows the quick adjustment of the line of lateral pressers regarding to the diameter of the tool
Max. intake of the wood 10 mm
Top spindle
Spindle diameter Ø40 mm
Diameter cutterhead Ø125 (maxi Ø200)
Horizontal transfer with mecanical digital display 25 mm
Vertical transfer / driven wheels with mecanical digital display 112 mm
Motorization 7,5 cv / 5,5 kW
Max. intake of the wood 10 mm
Driven notched roller Ø 140 ep 50 mm before bottom spindle with pneumatic retraction
Driven notched roller Ø 140 ep 12 ou 50 mm before right spindle
Driven notched roller Ø 140 ep 12 mm before top spindle
Driven flat vulcanized roller Ø 140 ép 50 mm after planer
Flat steel roller in table after planer
Speed feed 6 et 12 m/min
Engine power feed 2 cv / 1,5 kW
Pneumatic pressure with control engineering at the workplace
Capacity compressed air 6 bars - 20 l/min
Rise of the motorized beam
Mecanical digital display of the height
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Four-sided planer KXC
Four-sided planer KXC