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Self-setting electromechanical clamping station for high output

Mechanical description

The load-bearing structure is composed of a double portal frame in welded tubular section. Inside the structure a fixed beam and a movable beam are located for horizontal pressing. On both the fixed and the movable beam two backstops are positioned; the upper one is connected to the top pressure beam, the lower one is driven vertically by means of rack and pinions. The vertical pressure section moves along four racks positioned on the fixed beams. The movable beam and the top beam are driven by asynchronous motors with encoder. The cross bars are driven by asynchronous motors with encoder. The furniture transport system, consisting of a belt conveyor controlled by inverter is located in the lower part of the machine base.

Operating cycle

After assembling the cabinet on the pre-assembly bench (optional) the operator starts the feeding cycle. The photocells detect the dimensions of the cabinet (height and length) and communicate the data to the PLC. The cabinet stops towards the end of the machine where the fixed beam is located. At the same time, the horizontal backstops are positioned automatically, as well as the top pressure beam. Pressing is continuous and uniform as the guiding systems of the side bars and of the vertical pressing section ensure the perfect squaring of the cabinet. The pressing cycle is timed. At the end of the cycle the horizontal cross bars raise to allow the removal of the pressed cabinet and the feeding of the following cabinet.

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