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The main idea of this solution is the one with two main screw-conveyors, charging wood-brikets from an overturned pyramidal tank.

According to the high thermal value of the brikets, we always suggest to choose this solution if you only have such material to burn.

Right quantity of solid fuel

This feeder has the big advantage to load the right quantity of solid fuel into the combustion chamber, allowing to keep an excellent combustion and to reach the required temperature with the lowest consumption.

The loading system has an electronic control, where standby and working time can regulated.The temperature inside the screw-conveyor is always under control and a fire securityclap is installed inside the feeder.

Briketing machine

A complete solution includes a briketing machine, offering a complete automatic heating system.

Car/SB1 - SBC 5 Feeders
Car/SB1 - SBC 5 Feeders