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For extra large tools and aggregates

The Biesse Rover C series machining centres are specifically designed to be used in highly demanding environments, where extra large tools and aggregates are required. Rover C introduces innovative technological solutions and rigid design that guarantees high quality fnish and great reliability under any working conditions. The Biesse operating units with 5 interpolating axes gives a valid alternative to the use of cumbersome and expensive aggregates. It also cuts the machining times by reducing the number of tool changes required. It allows to perform complex machinings that cannot be normally performed with 4 axes machines.

Tool changers

The chain tool changer can house large tools and aggregates. It enables simultaneous changing of two tools, thus halving tool change time and increasing productivity. The revolver type tool changer, mounted on an independent Z carriage, allows tools to be changed while the machine is carrying out other operations. The multistore magazine is externally positioned, and is used for extra-large tools and aggregates. The pick-up is an additional magazine positioned on the base, and is used to house extra-large tools and aggregates.

The most flexible work table

The innovative ATS (Advanced Table-setting System) is the most advanced table design in the industry. Ats has a universal design for great flexibility and fast setup. EPS (Electronic Positioning System) is the Biesse system that is widely used for panel machining and for the production of doors, windows and stairs. EPS allows the entire working area to be reconfigured automatically in less than 30 seconds.

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Biesse Rover C
Biesse Rover C