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The Biesse machining centres in the Rover B series are designed to be used to process panels and solid wood elements. Technologically innovative solutions, working units that can be extensively adjusted and extremely solid manufacturing characteristics all ensure high quality finish and great reliability under any type of working condition.

Effective for all machining operations:
  • machining of doors
  • machining of furniture components
  • machining of stair elements
  • machining of windows
The work table to suit every need:

The ATS table is equipped with a quick-fastener system that guarantees fast, simple replacement of the vacuum units with the clamps used to lock narrow and particularly thick pieces.
EPS (Electronic Positioning System) is the Biesse system that is widely used for panel machining and for the production of doors, windows and stairs. EPS allows the entire working area to be reconfigured automatically in less than 30 seconds.

Simultaneous locking of various components

The multipositioning system allows simultaneous locking of the elements to be processed, thus optimising operations in each cycle and reducing overall production times.

Fast and reliable tool change

The revolver tool changer, mounted on the Z carriage, allows tools and aggregates to be changed while the machine is carrying out other operations, thus reducing machining times. The revolving tool changer with 24 places at X carriage side allows to have up to 24 tools and aggregates always available where required on the machine and to perform tool change in a little time.

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Biesse Rover B
Biesse Rover B