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Another reason for chosing our hot air generators is for the automatic feeders, indicated for many kinds of solid fuels like wood-pellets, saw-dust, wood-chips, brikets, olive stones, ....

The complete range of Bio4heating automatic feeders can be differenciated by an easy utilization, keeping acceptable prices and a high quality structure. The fire-place for automatic machines is in inox-steelĀ 310S of 1 cm thickness. As security systems we have a rotary valve or a fire-clap REI-120.

Main principle

The main principle of our loaders is to use a two screw-conveyors system. A mechanical system moves the material from the tank into the first screw-conveyor, which charges the second-one, pushing the solid fuel into the combustion chamber.

The big advantages of these automatic feeders are
  • a regular feeding
  • a reduction of consumption
  • less stress on the structure of the combustion chamber, which gives the hot air generator a longer lifetime


Automatic feeders
Automatic feeders