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Punching solutions both in performance and price range

By offering the choice  between  of our well known Q-series machines and the ATT-series classical thick-turret style, Haco proudly offers a full range of punching solutions both in performance and price range.

The ATT-series offers an O-frame and is characterized by rigidity and high geometric precision. It features a capacity of 20 metric tons and is able to work in mild steel thicknesses up to 6,5 mm.

30 stations

The well engineered mechanical parts in the H+L Hydraulic ram are manufactured according to high precision standards.  The HS3 electronic stoke control is controlling the speed and stroke of the 30 tons hydraulic punching head.

The ATT-series is equipped with a thick turret tool holder, consisting of 30 stations. It comes with standard with 2 Auto Index "D" stations. An additional two auto-indexing stations are optional.

Siemens control

The ATT-series is comes standard with the Siemens 802D SL operator control, combining all components of a CNC (NC, PLC, HMI) and drive control in a single unit.

Plate clamps for easy sheet movement

An important aspect during punching/nibbling operations is supporting the sheet while the X- and Y- axis are moving. The tables are not connected to the Y-axis and are not moving. The floating plate clamps move the sheet over the table. The table of the ATT-series offer a combination of balls and brushes, for easy and silent sheet movement.


When designing the ATT-series, the safety aspect has been specifically taken care of. This is done by means of a CE-approved optical detection-system that is placed around the machine working area.

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  • 200 KN Nominal punching force 
  • High torque servo-electric motor to drive the punching RAM 
  • O-Frame for Maximum Rigidity and Precision
  • Thick Turret Style Tooling
  • Automatic Sheet Repositioning
  • Up to 4 Auto Index Stations
  • CNC Control Siemens
  • Combined Balls-Brushes Table for optimal Sheet Movement
  • Complies with Safety rules

ATT Blue Line
ATT Blue Line