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The ATS 565 is an easy-to-use control for hydraulic (synchronized) press brakes, that allows the user to create multiple bending programs by entering a number of steps with a target angle and the desired position of the back gauge.

Optional settings for the depth axis can be assigned per step, e.g. TDC, plate thickness, auto-up function, system pressure and fast/slow point.

The system automatically controls the depth and pressure of the hydraulic axis. This control is one of the most suitable units when it comes to simple and fast programming of the press brake.

Simple as well as complex work pieces are no problem for this type of control. A ATS 565 combined with a low-cost machine results in a highly desirable system with lots of possibilities.

  • Graphic LCD display (240 x 64 dots)
  • High-resistant flat front panel protection cover with mechanical keyboard
  • Outputs for direct hydraulic valve control
  • Incorporated proportional valve drive
  • All logic for machine control on-board (no additional logic or relays required)
General control functions
  • Automatic or manual bending
  • 200 programs and 400 programs steps
  • Absolute or incremental programming of the back gauge
  • Program target angle, depth or pressure
  • Programmable speed changeover point
  • Programmable Top Dead Centre
  • Auto-up function for automatic beam return
  • Programmable beam tilting
  • Programmable CNC-controlled anti-deflection (crowning)
  • Programmable retraction
  • Backlash compensation
  • Jogging
  • Multiple counters (control time, pump time, steps, workpieces,…)
  • Mm or Inch
  • Programmable limits
  • Programmable finger height adjustment
Other features
  • Workpiece counter (up/down)
  • Extra outputs for auxiliary functions
  • 20 to 2000 ton machine adaptation via parameters
  • Language support (including simplified Chinese)
  • Parameters
  • Diagnostics and service routines
  • Manual (English or native language)
  • Optional personalized front cover
  • Lifelong servicing
  • No specific training required

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ATS 565
ATS 565