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A CNC press brake more competitive in price with higher level of technology

The combination of our in house, Belgian design and manufactured operator controls and low cost machine manufacturing process, allows us to produce machinery that is more competitive in price and has a higher level of technology and reliability than its competitors.

In this cnc press brake system, the Y1 and Y2 axes operate as independent double acting hydraulic systems. Both axes share the same oil supply, but the flow to the valves as well as true position(s) of the ram are entirely and separately controlled by computer command.


Accuracy in positioning

The CNC reads the ram position from independent linear encoders while monitoring and adjusting the proportional valves, producing a double-closed loop system. Accuracy is further ensured by mounting the linear encoders on a C-frame connected to the bed, rather than directly on the side frames, so deflection of the side frames and pressure loads do not affect positioning.



The synchro system is such that it easily allows tandem operation to obtain working lengths up to 20m. In this configuration, machines can work independently as two separate machines with different applications or in tandem mode as one machine with double capacity and double bending length.



  •  Haco ATLANTIC Y1 Y2 X-R
  •  2D Graphic Haco Easy Bend Control
  •  X-R Backgauge
  •  CNC Anti defl ection table
  •  Quick manual clamping
  •  5 Pieces of system top/bottom tooling
  •  2 Front supports
  •  Complies with all safety rules

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