Taillefer expands and optimizes production with advanced HACO Euromaster-S press brake

Taillefer, located in northern France, specializes in the production of extra-large storage containers such as silos, tanks, and pressure vessels, as well as steel structures for concrete plants. Four and a half years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Condal took over the company.  During this time, the workforce has doubled to more than 80. They have invested not only in additional personnel, but also in advanced machinery for which they turned to HACO .

They bought two new bending machines and a shear, as well as a second-hand press brake and second-hand shears and a brand new Euromaster-S press brake. The Euromaster-S is equipped with many advanced and high-tech features. It has an angle measuring system, sheet tracking system, automatic Wila tools as well as a 6-axis back gauge. In an interview with Mrs. Condal and the production director, Mr. Lebouc, we asked about their experience with their latest investment.

"Since we invested in our HACO folding machine, we have been very satisfied. We can use the machine longer and produce quality products over time," said Ms. Condal. Production director Kristof Lebouc adds, "The Euromaster is 4 meters wide, has a capacity of 320 tons and is equipped with a digital control panel for programming. The machine is very user-friendly and accessible to all." The 6-axis back gauge allows them to set the axes individually. "This allows us to make parts that are not necessarily rectangular and allows us to work at an angle." In addition, the press brake is equipped with an angle measurement system, which allows them to produce the pieces directly to the requested angular tolerance. "With the Fastbend 3D MT, we can program directly on the machine or in the office. In the latter case, the program is sent directly to the machine and the operator only has to import the program."

In conclusion, Ms. Condal says, "We worked closely with HACO during start-up of the machines. The after-sales service really met our expectations."

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