More accurate cutting thanks to new combi laser

BeCoMac, based in Belgium, specializes in the purchase and sale of used earthmoving machines. The machines there undergo a complete check-up by an optimal equipped warehouse and experienced people for maintenance, repair or adjustments. On request, they make machines fully customized to the customer’s needs. To finish the parts with even more speed, they bought a new fiber laser cutting machine from HACO.

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New needs, new machine

In BeCoMac’s warehouse, they used to cut metal pieces with a classic plasma cutter. The old plasma cutter still worked well but no longer met the requirements for today’s work. “The quality we were able to deliver with our old plasma was no longer sufficient”. More precision was expected when processing the parts. “Moreover, the ability to also laser the tubes was an important added value for which we decided to switch to a new machine” Kristof says.

HACO HFL Combi laser

The HACO HFL combi laser was proposed as a solution for their requirements. This new machine allows them to finish the pieces more accurate and faster. “The quality of cutting is much better with the laser than with the plasma cutting machine”. They use the HACO-HFL combi laser for their own production and overhaul of previously supplied machines but it also allows them to cut parts for third parties. “With this new laser, we still have production capacity left, so subcontracting can provide additional revenue for our company. The combi laser also allows us to machine tubes in-house from now on, something we used to outsource.”

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Thicker cutting

The HACO HFL combi laser can cut plates up to 6x2 meters with a maximum thickness of 25 mm for mild steel, 20 mm for stainless steel and 16 mm for aluminium. In addition the machine can also cut round and square tubes up  to a maximum of 6 meters. Profiles with diagonal dimensions up to 210mm can also be processed.

In addition, laser cutting of tubes enables new designs such as rectangular openings, hexagonal holes, rectangular openings, pin and hole joints, mitre cutting (hole and saddle) for tube to tube joints and many other specific designs. 

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In the past, BeCoMac already bought a HACO press brake. When they started looking for a new machine to replace the cutting machine, they consulted HACO again. “Everything went smooth and as agreed’ says Kristof from BeCoMac says.

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