High-Precision CNC Lathe for Complex Parts Manufacturing

High-precision machining is necessary to produce complex parts that operate with tight tolerances, usually in the range of single-digit microns. Whether aerospace, medical, automotive, oil & gas, hydraulic or any other branch and technology, almost every industry needs high-precision machined parts. Making these complex parts requires advanced machinery. High-precision CNC machines are typically employed to ensure that these advanced work pieces parts meet accurate geometric specifications and surface finish requirements.


As a leading manufacturer of CNC lathes, FATHACO has over 60 years of experience building top performance machine tools. With our 3MN & 4MN both heavy duty and high-precision lathes, we continue our tradition of pushing innovation further based on the most recent achievements in machine tool design and heavy-duty machining techniques.

High-Precision Machining With 3MN and 4MN

FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Open Doors

The 3MN and 4MN series are among the top high-quality, high-precision CNC lathes you can get to produce complex functional parts in the most efficient and accurate way possible.

Made in Europe, 3MN and 4 MN CNC machines come with the latest CNC control system. Standard these machines are equipped with one saddle but this can optionally be extend to two saddles to further reduce the operating time. These lathes are capable of handling high torque for heavy stock removal while maintaining high-precision. Furthermore, with a special tooling system, you can extend these CNC machines for a range of operations, such as drilling, milling and grinding. 4 guideways beds, with independent guideways for carriage enable efficient machining of long parts. The tools can pass the steady rests without breaking the machining process and disassembling the work pieces. Thanks to that the handling time is significantly reduced and the whole process is much more efficient.  

Key Specifications:

FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Carriage

Carriage: 3MN and 4MN carriages use top class ball screws for X-axis machining. They also feature a separate drive for longitudinal saddle travel (Z-axis) powered by two servo motors. This separate electronic system follows a master-slave concept for automatic backlash compensation and provides high positioning accuracy, repeatability, and contour accuracy.

Bed: 3MN and 4MN beds are made from high-grade cast iron, featuring hardened steel guideways and high-precision castings with stress-relieving treatment. These heavy-ribbed beds minimize vibration and help in improving finishing. There are also special chutes that facilitate the easy flow of chips.

FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Headstock

Headstock: The headstock used in these CNC machines is compact in design and features a heavy-duty spindle supported by high-precision bearings. Powered by a AC variable speed motor, the main spindle utilizes a two-speed gearbox to keep the high turning torque at a low rpm. There is also a separate lubrication unit that keeps the headstock gears lubricated and stabilized temperature.

Tooling System: 3MN and 4MN machines can be extended for a range of applications using a special tooling system and spindle control. For example, the C-axis positioning option with life tooling allows operations like eccentric drilling, tapping, and key-slot milling using a static spindle.

Tailstock: The heavy-duty tailstock can handle large-size workpieces and reduces vibration during heavy rough cutting. The tailstock is equipped with a separate motor for automatic positioning that you can also program as an independent drive.

  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Tooling System
  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Tooling System
  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Carriage and Tailstock

Advantages of 3MN & 4MN High-Precision CNC Lathes

  • High-precision machining for complex parts manufacturing
  • Uniform precision of all parts in the batch
  • Suitable for a diverse range of machining applications
  • No special programming knowledge required
  • 4 guide-ways design
  • Enhances production efficiency
  • Reduces non-cutting time

Achieve Higher Precision and Productivity with FATHACO

With over 60 years of experience in producing top-of-the-line lathes, FATHACO brings new and innovative ideas into the world of machining. With new ergonomic lathes that excel in accuracy and speed, businesses can cut costs and time to create high-precision parts. Learn more about how FATHACO lathes can help achieve your high-precision machining goals more efficiently. µ

  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Pano open door
  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Closed Doors
  • FAT TUR 3MN CNC Lathe - Closed Doors

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