Happy (and tasteful) Easter from HACO

 This year we decided to take a different  approach  for  our Easter  festivities.

Not only do we want to thank our customers who recently bought a machine for their trust in our organization and our machines,  we also support the local youth. By gifting our customers a delicious Easter box of chocolate and a uniquely engraved multi-tool, we’re supporting the Easter fundraiser of Kiwanis Ieper Vlakke Land.

With the profits of this fundraiser, Kiwanis (and HACO) supports the  less privileged children from this region by sponsoring some local youngsters from several homes to a sports camp at the Belgian coast. Delicious for our customers and a fun experience for the youngsters.

Our colleague Rik Desimpel was happy to play Easter Bunny, delivering the delicious sweets and our sincere gratitude to our customers.

Happy Easter from HACO

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