HacoBend Pro: brand-new integrated CAD/CAM bending software

HACO presents new performing bending software: HacoBend Pro. This software includes both an in-house developed CAD module and CAM software. With the CAD software, you can draw 3D bending parts or import and modify external files (STEP/IGS) smoothly and accurately. The CAM module automatically generates a bending program and a correct unfolding of the workpiece to be bended.

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 Simple and fast

HacoBend Pro is a software package for offline programming of press brakes. Through a highly visual easy-to-use interface, you can create efficient bending programs in a very simple and fast way, allowing the bending machine to be used in a more optimal way. A smart and fast bend sequence calculation with automatically generated backgauge positions and an optimized tool setup contribute to a faster machine setup and shorter cycle times.

In addition, a correct unfolding of the sheet is made taking into account the type of material and tool selection. With the integrated CAD module, bending-technically correct 3D parts can be drawn taking into account the correct bending radii and the required corner cut-outs. Thanks to HacoBend Pro, programming time is greatly reduced, setup times are minimized and the first piece is correct.

New features in the HacoBend Pro: 
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Bend sequence determination with automatic backgauge calculation 
  • Optimized tool setup
  • Suitable for special bends such as Z bends
  • Dynamic simulation
  • User-friendly CAD module for both 2D and 3D design 
  • Correct unfolding in DXF
Support throughout the entire process

Throughout the entire process, the operator/setter receives assistance in selecting tooling, calculating an optimal bending sequence and positioning the backgauge. In addition, a correct unfolding is generated in DXF format that can be used immediately to generate cutting and nesting programs.

HacoBend Pro in premiere at Global Industrie

HacoBend Pro will be demonstrated for the first time at Global Industrie in Lyon. From 7 to 10 March you can find the HACO team in hall 6, booth 6N78.

Do you have a question about this new software? Or would you like to stop by Global Industrie? Then please contact us: 

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