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HACO Group & HSG partner up

HACO and HSG confirm their strategic partnership with an agreement for the exclusive distribution of HACO-HSG fiber lasers in the French & Benelux market. 

Since their foundation in Belgium in 1965, HACO has specialized and acquired a solid reputation in the development and production of high quality sheet metal working machines such as hydraulic press brakes, shears, notching and punching machines.  Today, the HACO group employs over 700 people globally serving a broad range of customers with integrated solutions for their sheet metal processing from internally developed software up to automation with robots. 

 Fast paced laser cutting technology

Metal cutting technology is developing rapidly resulting in a global shift from the industry towards fiber laser cutting technology.  “The use of fiber lasers for cutting metal results in a spectacular reduction of overall cycle times for industrial companies”, says Andy Raedt, Product Manager at HACO.  “The fiber laser technology is developing at a fast pace with newly developed machines being introduced to the market multiple times per year.”

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 Pioneer in High Quality fiber cutting laser machines

HSG, with headquarters in Foshan China, is a pioneer in the development and production of high quality fiber laser cutting machines.  Since the foundation in 2006 they have grown globally to a leading player with more than 1.500 employees and over 5.000 lasers sold annually.  They have multiple dedicated R&D centers in Japan and China focusing on bringing the latest technology to the market which demands for more flexible & faster, thus more powerful machines.  Today, HSG offers the most complete range of fiber lasers to the market from flatbed lasers and combination machines up to a wide range of tube lasers with bevel cutting head and integrated automation. 


High quality and extensive service

“The synergy in this partnership lays in the combination of HSG producing high quality fiber lasers with latest technology to the market and the extensive sales and service network of HACO in the French and Benelux market”, says Angelo Steen, Commercial Director at HACO.

“With over 15.000 metal working machines installed over the years in these countries we have developed a solid network of local teams.”

For customers, the investment in a new fiber laser usually involves a big financial investment so they want to be assured of continuity in their production.  HACO is offering service on short term as well as training for the operators who usually are still unfamiliar with operating a fiber laser.    

The past few years, HACO has installed already dozens of fiber laser cutting machines with HSG-technology under the HACO-brand. With this partnership, the newly installed fiber laser machines will be delivered under the joint “HACO-HSG” brand.     

“This new brand underlines the close cooperation and strategic partnership between both of our companies”, says Jeffrey Wang, Sales Director for Western Europe at HSG. 

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