B2 Sales doubles capacity with new press brakes 

At B2 Sales in California, U.S.A., HACO recently installed not one but two Synchromaster press brakes. The new machines allow them to increase their production of electrical distribution material by 50%. We asked them how the cooperation with HACO went.

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Electrical distribution equipment manufacturer

B2 Sales & Z Power and Distribution inc, is an American company based in California, operating in the electrical distribution industry. It manufactures electrical distribution equipment. From lighting panels and distribution panels to customized control panels. Using their high-tech sheet metal working machines, they machine sheet metal into parts for the distribution equipment.

New HACO machines needed

"Our customers are mainly active in peripherals for electric vehicles and solar-powered data centers" Milt Riviera tells us. "This sector has grown very fast in recent years. As a result, we also received many more requests and our company was able to grow with them. We were forced to increase our production capacity and therefore invested in two new machines from HACO." Today at B2 Sales they are now working with four instead of two press brakes. A brand new pair of Synchromaster press brakes with Easybend 2DMT controls has recently been making production run faster. "Our goal, with these two new HACO machines, is to reduce our production downtime to zero and increase our output by 50%."

Innovative control

"The growth of our company has also allowed us to be able to invest in high-tech machines with better and innovative CNC controls."  The Synchromaster is equipped with an Easybend 2DMT control. The intuitive interface allows the bending pieces to be programmed easily, fast and efficient. Its strength is the ability to bend customized pieces with a short preparation time. The controller has a powerful industrial computer processor and is equipped with a 21.5" or 24" multitouch screen.

 A customer for more than 10 years

"We have been working with a machine from HACO since day 1" explains Milt.  B2 Sales then purchased another HACO machine and in the recent search for a high-tech machine, HACO was again considered. "We compared different brands and options but again chose HACO. The support & service is very good and we are happy with our cooperation over the years" concludes Milt Riviera.

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