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The foundry in Koluszki was designed and built by the American Consultants Swindell-Dressler in 1976 and today is one of the biggest foundries in Poland.
In 2004 it has been incorporated into the Belgian HACO Group, an important European manufacturer of machines for machining of metal, press brakes, guillotine shears, punching machines, laser cutting machines and since that time it exists under the name Koluszki Foundry and Machinery Sp. z o.o.

Our customers are well known producers for machinery, automotive, hydraulic, power industry and railway. We specialize in production of castings from grey and ductile iron. These are the beds for turning lathes and grinding machines, headstocks, columns, tables, press bodies, engine blocks, bodies of valves, strainer cores and other machinery castings.

We offer services owing to our long term experience, knowledge of the foundry engineering and always take responsibility for quality and deliveries on time. Our aim is close co-operation with the customer to find the best technical solution for every project.

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