Roll bending machine

The plate rollers 3HBR are made of top quality forged steel, induction tempered and hardened. The rolls are polished after hardening. We also supply special rolls for specific applications

Efficiency and reliability

HACO rollers, made in Italy, are designed to meet the needs of today's market. The parallelism of the side rollers is managed by a torsion bar system connecting the two ends of the roller. The rollers are driven by high-efficiency hydraulic motors and planetary gearboxes. Double spherical ball bearings are used to eliminate backlash and friction, resulting in improved energy efficiency. Bearings are lubricated and completely enclosed, reducing maintenance requirements.


Hardened rolls 50 to 55HRC
Hydraulic conical bending device
Centralised ergonomic control panel
Hydraulic overload protection safety system
Operating and instructions manual
Cavo di sicurezza attorno alla macchina
Efficient machine

Optional equipment

  • Ferrule ejection device for easy handling
  • Hydraulic side supports to support the workpiece during the rolling phase
  • Central support to support the workpiece during the rolling phase
  • NEXUS digital control (4HBR only), which memorizes manual movements previously performed, so that they can be reproduced for the rest of the series
  • EVO 4.0 numerical control (4HBR only), which lets you design your part to automatically generate axis movements.
  • Program saving function for numerical controls.
  • Teflon rollers for aluminum rolling
  • Radius meter
  • Remote control

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