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Autographe deploys HACO machines to fully equip first-aid vehicles.

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Autographe (Wavre, Belgium) specializes in fitting out first-aid vehicles. To fully equip the vehicles in all kinds of different materials, they use no less than 4 machine tools from HACO. We asked them what it's like to work with HACO machines every day.

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Equipping first-aid vehicles

At Autographe, they are known for delivering fully equipped first-aid vehicles such as ambulances, police cars and so on. They finish the vehicles in with different materials with the help of their 4 wood, plastic and metalworking machines. They work the metal with a HACO Synchromaster press brake and a HACO TSX shear. They use a Biesse Rover Plast A and Akron 1300 to finish wood and plastics.

Machining wood and plastics

Biesse's Rover Plast A is an automated milling and drilling machine used to efficiently and accurately produce plastic products. The CNC-controlled machine uses advanced software that optimises their production. The handy simulation tool allows them to digitally test and adjust products in advance. They also finish the edges of products with the Biesse Akron Plast edgebanding machine

Synchromaster and TSX  

Besides Biesse's automated CNC machine tools, Autographe also uses two HACO metalworking machines. With the TSX shear, they can cut metal sheets of various sizes and finishes to size. They use the HACO Synchromaster to then bend the parts and components into the right shape.

High-quality end product

By using both Biesse's advanced CNC machine tools and the traditional HACO metalworking machines, Autographe is able to process all kinds of different materials in-house to fit out its vehicles with high-quality products. And they need to, because this allows them to meet their customers' strict quality requirements. "Thanks to HACO, we can work better, faster and more accurately" Axel says. "Moreover, it is also a great advantage to be able to work exclusively with HACO because we always come into contact with the same people."