Cutting metal can be compared to cutting paper using scissors where 2 blades move toward each other. A guillotine shear brings two blades toward each other. The upper blade moves down and exerts pressure on the metal placed between the two blades. The sharp cutting edge of the upper blade comes into contact with the material, and the powerful downward motion provides a precise cut through the full width of the metal plate. HACO's guillotine cutters are indispensable machines at many sheet metal processing plants thanks to their cost-efficient operation and quality cut.

Sheet metal shear


Cost-effective method of cutting plates
Smooth cut with minimal burr formation
Minimal material loss
Local support from in-house experts

Modern CNC machines

Modern guillotine shears are equipped with advanced features, such as CNC control systems. These systems offer the ability to program complex cutting patterns and ensure accurate repeatability of cuts. Automatic adjustment of cutting pressure and fast positioning of the cutting blade contribute to efficient operation and reduce the risk of errors.

Essential in any metalworking process

After the cutting operation, the cut material is removed from the guillotine shears and is ready for further processing or assembly in the production process. The combination of cost-effective operation, quality cutting results and advanced features makes guillotine shears from HACO indispensable for various sheet metal working companies around the world.


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