Plasma cutting

Plasma cutting is an advanced technique that uses a powerful plasma jet to make precise cuts in various metals. This operation, based on the properties of ionized gas or plasma, plays a crucial role in the metalworking industry. The high-energy plasma jet, with temperatures as high as 20,000 °C, is capable of cutting through conductive materials with ease, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and brass.

AS XPR 300 0433 RGB


Low cutting cost
Robust and reliable
Smooth surface finish and constistant edge quality
Local support by in-house experts

Accurate plasma cutting

A striking feature of plasma cutting is the precision with which it can be performed. With advanced CNC control systems, the cutting process can be precisely programmed, allowing complex shapes and contours to be cut effortlessly. This offers great flexibility when manufacturing custom metal parts.


Plasma cutting offers several advantages, minimal distortion of the material, few heat-induced effects and the ability to cut thick materials. The machine offers efficiency, high cutting speeds and accuracy, resulting in shorter production times and less material waste. Improved productivity and quality contribute to a quick payback for your business.


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