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Entry Level pressbrake

Entry level press brake with basic execution for operation with European Standard Tooling. Possibility to extend with straightforward options. Attractive price/quality ratio.  Standard with user friendly 2D graphical touch control.


EASYBEND-2D T+ graphic control with 18" Touch screen specially designed for 2D applications
Clamping New Standard (NS) hydraulic top tool clamping
ES connectors with height 150 mm and 120 mm Heavy-Duty (HD)
Table for ES dies, including capability for clamping New Standard (NS) mono V dies
Increased Daylight Opening (540m), Stroke (370mm) and Gap (400mm)
Réglage de l'angle de coupe sur le panneau de commande
X backgauge Expandable up to X-R, X-R-Z/Z' en X-R-Z1-Z2
Pédale de commande
Conforme aux normes
Good price-quality ratio

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