Processing of full profile lengths

A 5-axis machine equipped with a high speed spindle motor, which can mill, drill, tap and saw tubes, profiles and extrusions in aluminium, steel, wood, vinyl and composites. The Profile-Flex is an ideal machine for finishing heavy aluminium & steel profiles nested over a full bar length.

The Profile-Flex is a C-Frame machining center with 5-axis milling motor of 18 KW with tool turret of 36 places. At this large profile section,  width 550 mm x heigth 370 mm, we are albe to measure, drill, tap, mill and saw. The result of the measure probe will be automatically compensated in the NC-Program. Clamps (8 up to 16) are placed with the column of the machine or they are motorized by themselves.

Important machine features:

  • Ideal machine for industrial profiles with limited section
  • Profile Section:  Width 550 mm x Heigth 370 mm
  • Nesting profiles - Clean Cut
  • Measure, drill, tap, mill, saw

Used for:

  • Aluminium & coiled steel profiles
  • Ideal machine for doors & windows 






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  • Profile-Flex

  • Profile-Flex

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