Sheet Metal

Sheet metal guillotine: shearing

With 45 years of experience, Haco’s expertise is a guarantee of virtually indestructible, high-quality, high-efficiency machines. We offer hydraulic sheet metal guillotine shears that can cut up to 32 mm thick mild steel sheets, up to 6 m long. Find out more about our different machines below, or contact us for more information.

  • HSL(X)

    The HSL(X) guillotines, with blade gap adjustment, can also be automated with a feeding, conveying and stacking system.

  • TS(X)

    This is a budget-friendly series of hydraulic guillotine shears with blade gap and rake angle adjustment.

  • SST

    This hydraulic swing-beam shear is Haco’s high speed shear. The swing-beam movement of the cutting beam ensures an excellent cut and minimises the distortion of the sheet.

  • ATS Blue Line

    With 45 years of experience, the HACO expertise guarantees that you get virtually indestructible high-quality machines of great efficiency. We offer hydraulic guillotine shears able to handle up to 32mm thick mild steel sheets, up to 6m.