From professional woodworking, sheet metal working, and aluminum milling machines to machine controls and surfacing installations.From the very beginning, our principal goal was to understand the needs and requirements of our customers and to provide for them better than anyone else does. When one of our clients has a special problem, we take pride in being able to come up with exactly the right solution.

Founders of The Haco Group (1965) Mr. Roger Havegeer and Mr. Roger De Marez

But this specialization has not kept us from diversifying. Originally famous for our sheet metal and woodworking machines, HACO has become so much more than just a manufacturer of punching machines, bending machines and shears. Since the mid-nineties, HACO has evolved into a company that produces not only sheet metal machines, but also larger and more complex machines, like machiningcenters and lathes.


With the acquisition of Mubea Systems in 1996 and the take-over of FAT (Fabryka Automatow Tokarskich) from Poland in 1999, the HACO group was able to offer machines for the cutting and editing of very large profiles and parts.

In 2000 HACO took over LSP in Slovakia, increasing the offer of press brakes and shears, thus expanding the company’s presence in Eastern Europe.

One year later Mubea starts with the development and production of prototypes of 4 and 5 axis profile processing machining centers, complete with integrated CNC clamping and application driven software solutions.

A new branch and two production plants in Ningbo, China were set up in 2006 to strengthen relationships with customers in the East.

HACO starts production and sales in India in 2008 by offering press brakes and shears.

Starting in 2009, Mubea Systems proudly offers 5 axis machining centers with dimensions up to 60 m long with single and double head, double X-axis and total clamping system.


Between 2011 and 2015 HACO starts the production and sales of their Q5 punching machine. Mubea Systems starts with developing high gantry machining centers up to 30m length for solid machining.

Our production facility in Wroclaw has enlarged its machinery park with four new machines in 2015. The main goal of the investment is the modernisation of the production of spindles and gear wheels as well as to increase the level of the precision and quality of our machinery.

HACO keeps expanding and takes over Design Technologies International (DTI) in 2017, offering smart solutions to today’s tough applications.


With the strategic taking over of the Polish firm DTI, we are reinforcing our international established position in the custom-made industrial market. Thanks to the incorporation of DTI, we are capable of offering our clients even more special-purpose custom designed machine tools and also the implementation of “turn-key” projects.

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