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A lathe with a high positioning accuracy and higher repeatability

For the longitudinal travel of the saddle in 2m and 4m machines is used a very rigid ball screw of 80mm diameter. The 6m and 8m long machine has a geardrive (pignon with rack) in longitudinal axis.

TUR 1150/1350/1550 MN is equipped with Linear Measuring System in the X-axis as standard. The Linear Measuring System ensures a high positioning accuracy and higher repeatability.

Eliminating deviations

The linear measuring system eliminates deviations of position due to expansion of the ball screw because of temperature fluctuations or play between nut and screw any other mechanical play.


The heavy-duty tailstock allows bigger workpiece loads and reduces vibration during heavy rough cutting. The extra large 200 mm diameter quill is hardened and has a built-in live centre with MT 6 Taper.

The tailstock is on an air cushion for easy movement as standard. The tailstock can be easily positioned by carriage using a quick-released coupling. Hydraulically operated tailstock is offered also as an option.

TUR MN types:
  • 1150
  • 1350
  • 1550